Thursday, 18 June 2009

GrIDsure and Quest Software form strategic partnership

@ Quest we're all about evolving our products to meet our customers needs.

A perfect example of this is the partnership we have just signed with GrIDsure.

Full GrIDsure press release as follows:

GrIDsure, the innovative alternative to PINs and passwords, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Quest Software, Inc., to integrate GrIDsure's technology into the Quest ‘One Identity’ solution portfolio. Quest’s two factor authentication solution, Defender, is the first Quest product that will be enhanced with GrIDsure to extend the product’s existing two-factor authentication capability.

GrIDsure’s solution is based on its groundbreaking yet simple invention that allows users to authenticate themselves by remembering a minimum of a four block sequential pattern on a five by five grid. By integrating GrIDsure’s software-based solution, Quest will be able to offer its customers an enhanced level of scalable security at a very competitive price point, whilst enhancing the user experience.

Quest Defender is a standards-based strong authentication solution built to leverage Microsoft’s Active Directory for administration and management, and the addition of GrIDsure will maintain its level of interoperability for enterprises looking for a cohesive and holistic security strategy. Quest currently has approximately 300,000 users of Defender across many sectors such as healthcare, financial services and public sector. Quest expects Defender with GrIDsure to be commercially available in the summer of 2009.

Jonathan Craymer, Chairman, GrIDsure commented: “GrIDsure is a perfect fit for Quest’s product line and this is a great example of how our technology can become an extra ingredient for an existing product. Our technology has been easily integrated into Quest’s solution to enhance the security of the system whilst being much more cost effective than existing alternatives.”

Stuart Harrison, Product Manager, Quest, commented: “GrIDsure is a completely unique concept and we see great potential in this technology as our customers are always looking for enhanced security without the headache and cost of extra hardware. GrIDsure is very difficult to compromise and is a significant step in right direction for security both in terms of usability and cost effectiveness for the customer and the end user alike.”

More about GrIDsure:

The aim of GrIDsure is simple, to offer everyone an easier and more secure way to protect their own identity and authenticate themselves.

GrIDsure is a new ingredient in the security mix, able to generate 'one-time' codes that are more secure and resilient to 'spyware' threats, creating an extra security layer which can work on its own or alongside all existing or future technologies such as biometrics and PKI.

GrIDsure neatly replaces all fixed passwords, PINs or combinations, on any electronic device or system, ranging from computers and mobiles to the world of physical security. GrIDsure is more secure and more cost effective than traditional hardware-based alternatives, is highly scalable and reduces administrative time to run the system.

GrIDsure was awarded ‘Cool Vendor in Application Security and Authentication 2008' status by Gartner.

Press Contact:

David Atkinson

+44 (0) 207 608 4684

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